CHOH's goal is to help people find a career.


Everyone entering Christopher House of Hope In-House program is expected to obtain a job and work steadily as a part of the program.

An individual in the program must attend monthly job training classes which include help with resume building, computer literacy, and finding available jobs until he/she finds employment.


CHOH will assist anyone who is willing to obtain and maintain a job by working with certain companies. After 12 months, 52% of the individuals involved in this program have successfully kept a job opposed to someone off the street.


For more information please contact: jobs@christopherhouseofhope.org 



Our Success Speaks For Itself


  • Assisted over 7600 individuals in the last 15 years

  • Helped 41 women regain custody of their children

  • 52% of individuals that complete our in-house program are still gainfully employed after 12 months

  • 97% of non-violent offenders who were previously incarcerated complete our program for rehabilitation

  • Decreased the re-entry rate of non-violent offenders by 10%


Our Services


Christopher House offers a variety of services to their full-time residents and others in the community including:


  • Life Skills Training

  • DUI Diversion Program

  • Empowering Women Program

  • Referral Services

  • Job Placement, Education and Career Development

  • Legal Assistance

  • Credit Score Restoration

  • Transportation Assistance bus passes and obtaining driver's license

  • Vehicle Ownership Assistance

  • Veterans Program

  • Home Ownership**


*** We are the only program in the country that helps graduates to achieve home ownership



​SERVICE           CENTER:​​

​Help &    Hope  


Life Skills Training: Character Development, Parenting, Coping

Christopher House of Hope provides emergency, interim, and long term housing depending on individual needs. 

For more information please contact: housing@christopherhouseofhope.org



Life Skills training is part of everyday living at Christopher House of Hope.  We have classes and meetings throughout the week to help individuals improve their character, coping skills, learning skills and much more. 


Learning to be accountable and to take personal responsibility for their actions is very important.  We teach them the skills they need to re-establish relationships with their loved ones, build new healthy, relationships, relate better to others and to respect themselves as well as others. We also teach them how to set goals for themselves and what they need to do to achieve them.


Individuals that finish this program will be coached on how to successfully budget their money, manage their time, stay organized, navigate the transportation system and the importance of eating right and exercise.  They will also be taught to prioritize, live up to their obligations, and value what they have.


Anger management classes – We help them gain a new perspective on life and teach them how to remain calm even when those around them aren't.


Parenting class - We help individuals learn raise their children properly utilizing discipline, accountability and wisdom.  We teach them how to communicate with, understand and relate to their children. 


This training will also help individuals who need help regaining their parental rights and with family reunification. CHOH works with individuals to help them repair burned bridges and reconcile with their family.


Other Assistance Including:


Help obtaining driver's license or bus pass

Credit score restoration

Legal assistance

Empowering Women's Program

Tragically, children are often affected when their parents are addicts.  CHOH believes in empowering women who have a desire to remain sober and drug free and are ready to once again take custody of their children.  The Empowering Women’s program is designed to equip women with the skills, stability and legal help they need to regain custody of their children.


Once they regain custody, we ensure they have a safe and affordable housing environment to raise their children in while they regain a foothold in society. CHOH has helped 41 women regain custody of their children.


CHOH can also assist mothers with child custody court cases, criminal cases as well as drug and traffic violations.


Women who successfully complete the Empowering Women’s program with CHOH will be eligible to be given a house so their children can be raised in a stable living environment.  When we empower women, we empower future generations of children who will also be contributing members of society one day. 


We believe we can help break the vicious cycle of addition and in the process help future generations.

Christopher House of Hope provides help for our veterans who need assistance with becoming productive members of society once again. The following services are offered:


  • Job Placement & Training

  • Counseling

  • Housing


For more information please contact: vetaffairs@christopherhouseofhope.org 

Homes Purchase Program for Graduates

We are committed to helping individuals go from Homelessness 2 Home Ownership.  We give them a Hand Up, not a Hand Out.


Every individual that graduates from our program has an opportunity to purchase real estate owned by CHOH.  CHOH has developed relationships with several local and national banks to assist it’s participants in qualifying for a 97% conventional first mortgage.


Access to affordable financing makes home ownership attainable for future graduates.  Some graduates of our women’s program may even receive a house donated to them in order to successfully raise their family.


Christopher House of Hope is now offering single family homes to our graduates and low income buyers. 

For more information contact: realestate@christopherhouseofhope.org 


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